Goals, Habits and Commitments

I have been contemplating my goals for 2013 and realized that some of them simply require creating a habit and committing to that habit. I consider these the easy goals. For example, goals like releasing weight, toning up, growing out hair and keeping space organized are goals that simply require committing to repetitive habits.

If you want to release weight and tone up, go to the gym every day, keep a food diary and plan your meals ahead of time. Easy right? You might hire a trainer, read book and do extra things to boost your chance of success, but otherwise it’s easy to set goals like this on autopilot. You just decide that you want something and commit to making it a daily habit.

If you want to grow out your hair, you simply need to deep condition at least once a week, use quality hair products and refrain from doing destructive things to your hair. Here you can also do things to boost your success like read good books, research good products and perhaps find someone who can help you care for your hair. Ultimately though, your success will largely depend on what you decide to do or not do to your hair on a daily habit. You will need to adopt healthy hair habits in order to reach your goals.

If you want a clean home. Well, that’s easy too. Make sure everything has it’s place and spend at least 15 minutes per day making sure that these things are in their proper homes. Of course you can hire someone to help you, read books and other things of the like, but again, your real success here happens daily with your habits. When you get ready for work, do you leave time to straighten up a bit? You might want to if keeping your space clean and organized is a major goal.

Once you decide on certain goals, they can often be set on autopilot by simply committing to a habit and following through with it on a daily basis. There are certain goals that won’t necessarily fit into this mold because what you need to do won’t be repetitive, for goals like that, you simply need to commit to carving out time each day to do what is necessary to reach that goal. What new habits do you need to develop this year in order to reach your goals?