TWA Hair Styles

Hey ladies looking for TWA hair styles. Are you following me on Pinterest? I have a board just for TWA Hair Styles. I’ve never rocked a TWA and I don’t imagine I ever will, but I still have an appreciation for them. Of course, I have a very large collection of Natural Hair pictures on my Pinterest board and I’m always looking for better ways to organize and categorize them of course.

Oh, I guess I should explain what a TWA is for those that don’t know. TWA is an acronym for teeny weeny afro. Some women rock TWAs as a lifestyle choice and some women rock it as their big chop cut.

What I love about TWA hair styles is the freedom it allows you. There are lots of cool trends. Even though some women see the big chop as gloom and doom and are dreading it, it can be very chic especially if you have inner confidence. Confidence is the most important thing you can rock with your hair, but after that, a good edgy cut and color never hurt anybody. I’ve known a quite few women that did the big chop in the hopes of eventually growing long natural hair, but just loved the TWA so much that they never looked back and continued to maintain the short cut.

About my pins on Pinterest, there are several things I look for when I’m curating my boards. My number one thing is it has to be inspirational. If I’m inspired or are in awe of a photo, I imagine all of you will be too. So that’s the number one thing I look for. I also look for amazing photography, power, impact, authenticity and freshness. Things that are different and outside of the box are always fun to stumble across and maybe you want literally take what you do as far as the photo, but you’ll be inspired to find a way to really make it your own. What’s doper than that.

Here are some of my favorite pins. Some of the edgiest, sexiest, most flattering TWA hair styles that I’ve seen thus far. See more and follow me at


TWA Hairstyles

What I love about this TWA hair style is the asymmetry and the color. It’s fresh, but at the same time it’s nostalgic. It’s sort of 80s but it’s very modern. What a perfect blend. It’s also great for women that don’t want to go a super short cut in the front. In case you want a rock a weave or wig, you’ll still have enough hair in the front to handle all of that.

TWA Hairstyles

Remember when Kelis had this moment? Her curls are the star and the color accents all of that. This is a good color for brown skin tones. It is also very daring. Please take note of how Kelis dyed her lashes to match her hair unlike our homegirl in the first picture. I think this is a good idea especially if your hair and lashes are polar opposites, but you do want to be super cautious of putting any dye near your eyes and on your face.

TWA Hairstyles

Didn’t Solange just change the game with this one? It’s my humble opinion that she can credit her more recent success to her big chop. It sounds a little superficial to say that, but I think most people would agree, a lot of people really began to take notice of her only after she did her big chop. It feels more authentic and she really separated herself from the pack. What I love about this look and what really made it different was the designer part she used to rock. It’s subtle, but it made all the difference.

TWA Hairstyles

I was in awe of Nicole Ari Parker’s curl definition and highlights when she first did her big chop. She made it just look so effortless and easy. This look is less daring than the other ones I feature in this post, but likely the one that most women would be more willing to try. Cutting all of your hair off is bold enough if you don’t want to go that extra step, you can take comfort in that feat.

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