Book of 2012: Chapter 12 December – Making The Most of 2012

We have finally reached the last chapter in our book of 2012. I’m almost out of pages in my Book of 2012 Journal. I had one of those big black sketchbooks from an art supply store. Has your life changed drastically? Look at your goals that you first made in 2011, how have they changed? What have you accomplished. I know that my life has changed quite a bit and many of the goals I set have changed and it’s fine. Are there some goals that you haven’t accomplished, but are still within your reach for 2012? How about you make the most of the next 31 days, really taking huge daily leaps to reach your goal. Even if you aren’t able to reach your goal in 2012, how much closer are you than when you first started out? Sometimes it’s easier to break down your goals into smaller steps and see what you’ve accomplished.

Making The Most of the Rest of 2012

This month I am going to challenge you and myself to really review all of the posts in this series to really make the most of the next 31 days of 2012.

  • Make a year-end review right now to review your goals, renew your goals and decide what steps you can take over the next 31 days to get closer to reaching your goals. Make a goal pyramid.
  • Do the work. Try to take 5-10 steps towards your goals and track them every day.
  • Try something new. If it’s beneficial for your life goals, but you’ve been afraid to do it all year, do it now!
  • Create a new habit in the next 31 days. Just do something healthy and productive for your life. Try to commit to it for at least the next 31 days and hopefully, it will become second nature.
  • Nix a bad habit, if it’s not serving you — stop it! Again, try it for the next 31 days and you may not miss it as much as you though.
  • Get of stuff you don’t want. Go through your wardrobe and your possessions and get rid of the stuff you don’t use or don’t want and make December 31 your deadline. It is helpful to break this down into smaller tasks. For example: Day 1: Get rid of hair stuff, Day 2: Clothes, Day 3: Housewares, Day 4: Throw out cosmetics, Day 5: Refresh your refrigerator, etc. etc.
  • Brainstorm of ‘idea hunt’ for 30 minutes a day. Ideas are everything. Have your major goals in mind and brainstorm ways to creatively reach them.
  • Affirm your dreams. Write your affirmations daily, display them, recite them throughout your day.
  • Prepare your life for your dreams. What do you really need to do before your dream can enter your life? What tactile things can you do? What books can you read? What places do you need to go? What research do you need to do?

Let’s get out there and manifest our dreams by doing the work.

Let’s really push ourselves over the next 31 days.

Let’s make this chapter the most productive.

Happy December!

  • @pilarinmotion

    These review posts have been so helpful to me in 2012. I’ve started blogging, gotten my fitness life in order, uncovered a love for cooking, and really defined my vision for my highest self. I hope you’ll create an e-book that aggregates your tips. I think a lot of young women could use this type of self-critiquing mechanism for growth. Sometimes we just don’t know where to begin. Happy Holidays!