What To Wear With A Lace Dress

what-to-wear-with-a-lace-dressLace dresses never go out of style and are perfect to wear to weddings and other events wear you have to dress up a bit. Solange wore her green lace dress at the Dolce & Gabbana “La Bella Estate” cocktail launch. So maybe you have a lace dress and maybe you’ve worn it already and want to figure out how to wear it again differently. Or perhaps you want one, but don’t know how to fit it into your wardrobe, these tips should help.

1. Throw a blazer on top. A blazer can really set the tone for a lace dress. You can do so many things with a blazer. Play with monochromaticity, color-blocking and texture-mixing. Here the muted orange lace dress was matched with a blazer in a darker shade of orange.

2. You can dress down a lace dress by layering it with a sweater or long sleeve top, here it is with a pale pink top. You want to make sure that the top is thick enough that you can’t see the lace underneath.

3. You can also layer the dress with a button-down shirt. I chose a plain button down that most women will have in their wardrobes that you can layer underneath a lace dress. You can even layer a sheer black button down shirt over the dress and belt it at the waist for a little edge.

4. If your dress is a bright color or a non-neutral color, you can find a multicolored bag that has your frock’s shade. This dress was paired with a Santi clutch and they are great for multi-colored bags that seem to go with everything.

5. Put a skirt on top. What? That’s crazy. The orange dress above is full and was paired with a full a-line skirt. Parts of the dress will hang beneath the shorter skirt, but that’s ok for this dress. If your dress is longer and more fitted at the skirt of the dress, then you should look for a pencil skirt or a skirt shape that flatters your dress. This can be tricky to style, but experiment with what you have and see if you can make it work.

6. This lace dress was styled with a blue suede platform shoe with contrast piping. The clutch features colors from the shoe and the dress so now it’s all cohesive. You can also just choose a shade that compliments the dress or whatever else you’re pairing the dress with. You can certainly dress down the dress with the sweater from above and a pair of leather boots.

7. Finally, by simply adding a belt to a dress can change the entire look. Pair your favorite belt with this dress and create a look all your own. Now, you can match your shoes and bag to your belt and the dress becomes the background/canvas.

Shop this look. (Including some cool items that didn’t make the cut).