8 Wears To Wear A Sheer Blouse

On Twitter, Lexi said she wanted some tips on how to rock a sheer shirt. Here are some ideas.

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1. If you are a bit conservative or trying to wear this look to work , try rocking a sheer blouse under a crewneck or v-neck sleeveless sweater or long sleeve sweater. Michael Kors Sequin Vest

2. Don your sleeveless shirt under a wrapped or belted cardigan. Again, you can go for a sleeveless or long sleeve piece. Some people will like to wear a sleeveless wrap vest and just have a hint of skin peeking through the sleeves of the sheer top. You might just wear something underneath this look so you won’t look so buttoned up… unless that’s what you’re going for. Elizabeth and James Shawl Collar Vest

3. A fitted top is always a safe bet. You can do the obvious and match black with black or you can play around with other colors for a cool layering effect, but be careful with that, it can be hit or miss. T by Alexander Wang Tank

4. Wear a regular bra underneath. You can do a solid black bra or whatever color of your choosing, but make sure it’s pretty. You don’t want to wear an everyday boring bra unless you’re going for a bohemian chic look. If you’re going bombshell or for a night out, look for something structured and über feminine. Polka Dot Bra

5. Go for a strapless bra top or corset. You can match the color of your shirt or get a little crazy with bold bright colors and patterns. Strapless Bra Top

6. Get lacey with it! A lace body suit, lace tee or tank are an easy match for a sheer shirt. You may have to wear 3 layers of tops for this look so you aren’t flashing anyone: a base (bra/tank), the lace piece and finally the sheer top. Lace Body Suit

7. Instead of rocking a fitted top underneath the flowy sheer top, you can try layering another flowy tank top underneath or a tank with some embellishments. Sequin Tank

8. Body suits are great underneath sheer tops especially if you’re modest, you can even leave a few top or bottom buttons open and pair with leather leggings or jeans. Spotty Body Suit

What combos are you going to try or which ones do you already wear?


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