Curly Clip-Ins

I want to make curly clip-in hair extensions that match my hair texture. Why? Because I think it would be fun to try. How are you going to do that? I’m going to buy some wig clips and high quality curly hair. They don’t really make clip-ins for curly-kinky hair. There are loads of YouTube tutorials on how to sew and use clip-ins but I always see it on bone straight hair. It may be out there somewhere but I haven’t found it. It just would be cool to maybe add hair with highlights. I’d probably experiment with how natural I could make my braid outs look when blended with the clip-ins.

  • diimpulz

    this is an interesting idea! please keep us all posted! i'd love to see the results.

  • Evolution of Beauty

    Sounds like a great idea for transitioners. Hope you post pics =)

  • emerald

    What a good idea! Have any tops on how I could to make straight clip-ins curly – say 3B curls?

    emerald, fashion blogger x

  • Private

    Halley's Curls has Creole Curly clip-ins. Human Hair that can be colored. I have 2-sets that I cut to blend into my natural hair. Undetectable. Also, they can be blown out straight. Fab!

  • B

    I made straight clip-ins and since then I've been searching for curly hair to use, so far im leaning towards Andrea Farias' hair

  • NikkaDJ

    BlackOnyx (YouTuber) has a website where she sells kinky curly clip ins among the rest of her creations.

  • maneandchic

    @Private That's right Halley's Curls does sell clip-ins. Their longest is 16"… some parts of my hair are 16"… so I'd need 18-20".

  • Private

    This is how I made my clip-ins. I purchased human hair from an online supplier (Halley's Curls) that matched my texture. Then, I took the entire 4 ounce weft to my local hair store. There, it was measured and cut into 6 pieces. A day later, I returned to pick up my NEW clip-ins. Then, I had my BFF (who is a stylist) both color and cut my clip-ins to blend into my natural hair. Another great thing is that I can blow them out, too.

  • TheUncommonBeauty

    I was thinking of making some clip-ins a few months ago. I searched Youtube for a tutorial from someone who's already done it, but found nothing…

  • Angie

    This may sound way too involved for most people but I have considered getting virgin human hair and using a curly perm kit on it. I could use small perm rods of different sizes to get a really "natural" look. It may be a bit ambitious on my part but just throwing the idea out there, if I do it, I will email you the results, this post actually inspired me!

  • ReVamped Boutique

    Super duper easy :-) I have been my bobraz with clip ins for the past 3 years. I am too lazy to sew them on to the weft, so I just stick the weft inbetween the clip, stick the comb part of the clip th the part I made in my scalp and close the clip. The clips allow me to wear a part, ponytail, mohawk..etc…I have also clipped the hair to a hair net at times…

  • Taylor1014

    I would really like to try clip-ins as well. Any suggestions?